Our Model

The future is bright for the dental laboratory industry.

The Apex Dental Laboratory Group team is excited to see how the industry will innovate and change in the coming decades. In the shifting landscape of today's dental world, we understand that laboratories are needing to change along with the times. It is becoming increasingly difficult for individual laboratories to compete due to price pressure, the cost of digital integration, higher service demands from clients, and group buyers holding a growing percentage of the market.

How does ADLG see a bright future in this kind of turmoil? We see an opportunity. As a network of successful, well-run laboratories with quality technicians and competent leaders, our labs are able to work together.

The Benefits of a Network

  • Increased Efficiencies
  • Shared Resources
  • Preserved Jobs for Local Technicians
  • Reduced Centralization of Production
  • Sustained Profit

Apex Dental Laboratory Group wants every lab we acquire to grow and thrive in this industry. Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the hometown laboratory while allowing it to survive in a world full of production facilities.

Interested in Joining the ADLG Network?

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