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Apex Dental Laboratory of Chicago is a full-service dental laboratory in the northwest Chicago suburbs. Founded over 20 years ago, our laboratory offers high-quality fixed, removable, and implant restorations. We are proud to be staffed by technicians who are wellversed in the industry's latest digital advancements. We offer this expertise as a resource to our clients and have several Certified TRIOSĀ® Trainers who help install and train Chicago clinicians with the TRIOSĀ® software. In addition, our laboratory is also powered by the latest digital dentistry innovations, including CAD/CAM equipment, that allows for high precision and esthetics for all our restorations.

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Our restorative products are skillfully crafted in-house at our Illinois-based dental laboratory. Our dental technicians utilize their years of experience and craftsmanship to efficiently and skillfully create the peak solution for every case we fulfill.

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Apex Dental Laboratory of Chicago is your resource for convenient and streamlined case submissions. Every resource you may need to get your case to our laboratory can be found on our site, including Rx forms, shipping labels, and more. We invite you to get started today and discover the benefits of a partnership with Apex Dental Laboratory of Chicago.