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Implant Solutions
with Any OEM

From single-unit to full-mouth reconstruction, Apex has the knowledge and resources to handle your every need for implant cases.

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Individualized Service
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Apex Lab Group has local laboratory teams with cutting-edge technology and individualized, in-house support for your practice.

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Oral Appliances
& Anti-Snore

Help your patients who suffer from sleep disorders. Apex Lab Group will provide any oral appliance that is preferred.

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Fixed Products

Apex full service labs offer the latest in ceramic technology and conventional materials. We use the highest quality Porcelains, IPS e.max, Zirconia, and cast materials to achieve durable, functional & esthetic Crown & Bridge restorations.

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Removable Products

Apex Labs full service dental labs offer many options for best fit and function, including complete and partial dentures, night guards, orthodontics and customized treatment planning.

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Our Mission

Apex Dental Laboratory is a network of dental laboratories whose primary goal is to provide exceptional customer service and consistent results, by utilizing the latest in technological resources along with the expertise of our highly trained dental technicians.

A Network of Dental Industry Leaders

Apex Dental Laboratory Group is a network of high-quality dental laboratories who share a common goal of providing excellence through personalized support and technical expertise. By curating mutually beneficial relationships between laboratories, Apex is able to share resources across the nation. We support our laboratories during this rapidly changing time in the industry as dentistry continues to digitize by helping them invest in equipment and maintaining reasonable prices. Within our network, we have combined the technical expertise and state-of-the-art technology that would typically only be seen in a major production lab. Our laboratory partners are able to maintain their hometown lab atmosphere with personalized service and attention to detail while keeping pace with the rapidly advancing industry.

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Why Apex Dental Group?

No lab will ever be able to fulfill your every need. However, at Apex, we are able to share resources within our network to come as close as possible to the ultimate laboratory for our clients and their patients!

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Individualized Service

Apex Dental Laboratory Group's network of laboratories all prioritize individualized services that allow for long-lasting practice-lab partnerships. This collaboration also helps ensure that every case ends with a happy patient.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our labs have fully embraced digital dentistry with the help of Apex. Our network has partnered with digital dentistry leaders to help keep our labs state-of-the-art.

Local Laboratory Teams

We do not support eliminating local jobs or centralizing production. We are proud of our hometown labs, and a main factor of that is their hometown teams.

Supports In-House Production

Through our network, we are able to ensure that every restoration is fabricated in-house at one of our laboratories. We are proud to only offer made in the USA restorations that use FDA compliant materials.

21 Laboratory
750+ Cumulative Years
of Experience
<2.5% Remake
100% Clinical

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Sending Your Case to an Apex Laboratory

Getting your case to any of our network labs is simple and stress-free. Everything you need to get a traditional case on its way has been placed in one convenient location, as well as instruction to connect your digital scanner to any of our labs.