Summit Apex Dental Lab

Located in Waco, Texas, Summit Apex Dental Lab has been providing premier dental restorations and services since 1983. We are proud to be a Certified Dental Laboratory with a large team of dental technicians and industry professionals, including Certified Dental Technicians, who place success for clinicians throughout the nation at the top of their priorities. Our team will gladly work with you on every case to ensure high acceptance rates and patient satisfaction. Our clinical partners have discovered how important it is to work with a laboratory that values thorough collaboration, digital dentistry advancement, and punctuality. Summit Apex Dental Lab is the partner you can rely on for successful fixed, removable, and implant cases.

Our Team

Summit Apex Dental Lab thrives under the direction of its General Manager, Jennifer Loomis, who has helped it grow into one of the top cosmetic laboratories in the country. Summit currently has three expert ceramists on staff who are all graduates of Dr. Ed McClaren's Advanced Ceramics course at UCLA, one LVI Master Technician, one technician who was a Recognized Kois Graduate in 2017, and a fourth ceramist who is currently working towards their AACD accreditation. Summit is proud to carry out all its lab work in-house using its high-end technicians and utilizes only the best materials and tools.

Digital Dentistry

The dental industry is rapidly gaining speed in the digital arena. Summit Apex Dental Lab is proud to be a supporter of this advancement. Our facility in Waco, Texas is outfitted with state-of-the-art digital dentistry equipment and our technicians utilize the latest processes and knowledge to fabricate every restoration.