Apex Dental Laboratory of Madison

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Apex Dental Laboratory of Madison has been providing premier dental restorations and services since 2015. Founded by Jed Miller, CDT, and David Johnson, CDT, our facility is a full-service dental laboratory that provides fixed, removable, and implant restorations. Apex Dental Laboratory of Madison grew very quickly and serves as a valuable resource to clients in Wisconsin.

Our Team

David Johnson, CDT, personally oversees the majority of the implant work flowing through Apex. His knowledge & experience in implant systems make him a tremendous resource for clients. ADLM is also staffed with four technicians who expertly fabricate restorations in-house for our Wisconsin clinicians.

Digital Dentistry

The dental industry is rapidly gaining speed in the digital arena. Apex Dental Laboratory of Madison is proud to be a supporter of this advancement. Our facility in Madison, Wisconsin is outfitted with state-of-the-art digital dentistry equipment and our technicians utilize the latest processes and knowledge to fabricate every restoration. The ADLM laboratory is home to two 3Shape CAD systems, as well as Nobel Biocare, StraumannĀ®, and CERECĀ® CAD systems.