Aligners by Apex

A Simple Solution with Unparalleled Results

We are proud to offer Aligners by Apex. These esthetic and convenient clear aligners ensure a treatment process that is comfortable and stress-free for all patients. Unlike traditional braces, Aligners by Apex are crafted out of Zendura, a biocompatible thermoplastic that is smooth and gentle against the soft tissue inside a patient's mouth. Offering clear aligners at your practice allows you to meet the rapidly growing demand for clear aligners that easily integrate into your patients' lives.

Getting Started with Clear Aligners

To ensure your patient is a good candidate for clear aligners from Apex, contact us and we will review whether aligners are a good match for your patient. We will send you an approval form that covers the treatment level and plan for your patient. After you approve the plan, we will send you the total amount of aligners needed to fulfill the treatment plan and you can provide your patient with the aligners throughout their alignment process.

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Why Clear Aligners

  • Unparalleled Strength
  • Invisible Esthetics
  • Reduced Chair Time
  • Patient-Specific
  • Removable Convenience
Aligners by Apex