Granite City Dental Lab

Located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Granite City Dental Lab has been providing premier dental restorations and services for over 45 years. We are proud to be a state-of-the-art dental lab that specializes in fabricating high-quality fixed and implant restorations. We are an affiliate with the University of Minnesota, which allows our technicians to come into contact with the latest trends, techniques, and products coming onto the scene.

Our team's goal has always been to provide products that exceed patient expectations and leave everyone in your practice smiling. We are able to fulfill this commitment by staying up to date with digital dentistry advancement and thorough collaboration with your team.

Our Team

Granite City Dental Lab was founded by Bill Young on the goal to provide high-level fixed and implant restorations to Minnesotan clinicians. Today, the outstanding staff utilize their depth of expertise to craft exceptional products for every case.

Digital Dentistry

The dental industry is rapidly gaining speed in the digital arena. Granite City Dental Lab is proud to be a supporter of this advancement. Our facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota is outfitted with state-of-the-art digital dentistry equipment and our technicians utilize the latest processes and knowledge to fabricate every restoration. Our team utilizes five, high-quality mills in their day-to-day production.