Treatment Planning

Our treatment planning service offers a step-by-step process that allows you to easily get from beginning to end of even the most complicated case. Our team will assist you through the use of our own resources and expertise to ensure that the results are successful and your patient is happy.

Virtual Case Consultation

Every treatment planning service begins with a virtual case consultation. Similar to an in-person consult, we will go over the specifics of the case and collaborate on the best way to achieve the patient's desired result, as well as plan on ways to mitigate potential complications. This virtual consultation will be backed by our case planning software, that allows us to easily collaborate online with you at your practice.

Digital Design Approval

After our collaboration, our team will create a digital design based off the traditional or digital impressions provided. This design will take into account the collaboration previously had between us and your practice. If you believe this design will fulfill the needs of your patient, you can easily approve the design.

Diagnostic Wax-Up

We will send you a diagnostic wax-up that will help you gain case acceptation and secure your patient's confidence in the treatment. Our diagnostic wax-ups provides a preview of what your patient can expect once their treatment is completed. We utilize white stone models with white wax to produce lifelike results for these before-and-after case tools.

CAD Provisionals

Our CAD provisionals are milled out of PMMA, a naturally translucent material that allows for lifelike esthetics. We utilize digital dentistry to design these provisionals so your patient can still have a confident smile while wearing these provisionals.

CAD Verification Bridge

To ensure a proper fit for the final restoration, we will send you a CAD verification bridge. This bridge will verify that the final restoration will fit your patient's mouth. If there are any issues, this will give us an opportunity to make any adjustments before sending you the final.

Treatment Planning