Digital Services

We are proud to be at the very front of the rapidly digitizing dental industry. We offer a wide array of digital services and welcome you to take advantage of any you find interesting.

Design Services

If you have started adventuring into in-practice milling, we would still love to assist your practice. In addition to removables and long-span to full-arch restorations, our lab also offers expert design services. Simply send us an intraoral scan and one of our high-qualified designers will review your case and provide you with a file that will result in an exceptional restoration.

Smile Design

Our digital smile design service provides a preview of your patient's smile before treatment even starts. This service is a treatment planning service that utilizes analysis of the patient's facial structures and oral environment. This service aids in treatment acceptance.

TRIOSĀ® Training & Support

Our team is happy to provide comprehensive training and support for your TRIOSĀ® scanner. We fully support practices embracing the latest technologies as we have seen ourselves all the benefits that come from integrating digital dentistry into our workflows.

Modeless Restorations

Through our commitment to digital dentistry, we have been able to eliminate the need for models in single-unit, posterior restorations. This advancement translates to reduced waste and a streamlined workflow for us. Our benefit translates into the same exceptional fit and precision you can always expect from us, as well as a $15 credit per modeless unit.

Be sure to mention you want to go modeless when submitting your case.

Digital Services