Treatment Planning

With MATRx Plus by Zephyr Sleep Technologies

Apex is proud to be partnered with Zephyr Sleep Technologies to offer the solution to improper treatment planning - MATRx Plus™. The treatment planning we offer is a team-driven and proven 4-step process that delivers a fast, effective, precise, and safe option that will help you deliver a better patient experience and driver higher case acceptance.

4-Step Treatment Planning Workflow

  1. Testing (20-40 Minutes)
    • 2-3 nights of study completed at the patient's home
    • Test results are automatically uploaded to the Cloud
    • If necessary, test findings interpreted by a Sleep Physician
    • Results determine if the patient will be treated by oral appliance therapy and how to set the mandible. The results also inform the team of risks and patient tolerance
    • Reports and prescription materials are created and made available chairside for Step 2
  2. Treatment Planning & Patient Consultation (20-40 Minutes)
    • Test results are shared with the patient to streamline the consultation process and drive higher case acceptance
    • Team orders the final customized appliance, based upon test results
    • Understand patient acceptance, patient tolerance and manage the risk of side effects with informed Treatment Planning
  3. Treatment Delivery (15-30 Minutes)
    • Knowing the patient will respond to the treatment reduces team anxiety
    • Patient experiences immediate treatment benefit and satisfaction soars
  4. Follow-Up (15-30 Minutes)
    • Confirm efficacy with an outcome test two months after starting treatment
    • Many patients often test themselves with "Apps" or "Wearables" to monitor their own improved sleep performance!
Treatment Planning