Has your patient recently gone through the lengthy and sometimes annoying task of aligning their teeth, whether by using traditional braces or innovative clear aligners? If so, the last thing they want to do is go through that treatment again. Our team is happy to provide several ortho options for your patient, to aid in retaining their smile or in assisting with their alignment process.


A Hawley retainer consists of a metal wire that surrounds your patients teeth and retains them in their ideal position. It also includes a labial wire that can be used for adjustment. These wires are anchored in an acrylic arch that rests against the roof of your patient's mouth. These retainers are an excellent option as they not only maintain final alignment, but they also offer the opportunity to tweak and correct a patient's smile after traditional braces have been removed.


Gelb retainers fully cover the teeth in the posterior. This retainer option is a flat plane mandibular splint and utilizes a metal lingual bar to connect the plates of the retainer that overlay the posterior.

Rapid Palatal Expander

A rapid palatal expander is one way to treat malocclusions and prevent further and more expensive orthodontic treatment. This treatment is suitable for pediatric patients who are still growing. Once the rapid palatal expander is secured in the patient's mouth, it will widen the upper jaw. Since this treatment occurs at a very slow pace, this treatment is easy and tolerable for the patient.