Our nightguards are fabricated out of quality materials to ensure the protection of your patient's natural dentition. Your patient has invested time and money into their smile, including visits to your practice for regular cleanings and restorations. Our nightguards provide durable protection for various levels of bruxism severity.

Processed Nightguard

Our processed nightguards are highly durable and ideal to prevent damage from bruxing or clenching of teeth. This option is processed to provide a highly rigid appliance that can protect against even the most severe bruxism.

Hard Nightguard

Our hard nightguard emphasizes durability for exceptional protection against heavy bruxism. These nightguards offer a long-lasting solution against bruxism to minimize the negative effects of clenching, including jaw aches and damage to your patient's teeth.

Dual Laminate

Our dual laminate nightguards offer both durability and comfort for a happy patient with a long lasting smile. This nightguard option features a soft inner layer crafted out of soft polyurethane that rests gently against the teeth and gums. The outer layer is a hard, clear copolyester that withstands aggressive clenching and grinding throughout the night.

Vinyl Nightguard

Our vinyl nightguard is best suited for patients who only suffer from minor bruxism. It is very comfortable and fabricated out of a soft and flexible ethylene vinyl acetate. While it will allow you patient to get a restful night's sleep, it will only prevent minor symptoms of bruxism and will not withstand moderate or severe cases.