CE Events

Apex Dental Laboratory Group offers a wide selection of continuing education events that are hosted at a variety of locations. We are proud to serve as an informational resource for clinicians needing CE credits. Many exciting in-person iOS CE events are planned for the upcoming months! For information about an event near you, please contact your nearest lab or email us at [email protected]

October 26, 2022

The 3-Appointment Digital Denture

Removable Clinical Tips & Tricks For A Less Stressful Experience and Result

Presenter: Jimmy Stegall
Location: Alternative Dental Laboratory, North Haven, CT
Credits: 2 CE Credit Hours
Tuition: Free

This program will review denture fabrication methods and demonstrate what techniques have changed The latest in 3D printing processes and materials will be highlighted, demonstrating their strength, accuracy and aesthetics. Additionally this course will review clinical guidelines that make chairside steps easier to accomplish.

Participants will be able to understand:

  • Clinical records – what is needed for success and how to obtain them
  • Denture impressions – where we are today
  • A simple systematic approach to a 3-appointment digital denture
  • Denture fabrication methods and how current CAD-CAM technologies have improved them
  • The latest 3D printed denture materials that are stronger than anything ever used
  • Utilizing a functional try-in and why it’s better
  • Removable clinical tips and tricks for a less stressful experience and result

November 2, 2022

Hands-On Workshop with 3M

at our Apex lab in North Haven, CT, Alternative Dental Lab

In Development: more info to come.